healthcare electrical and data services

Healthcare Industry

Network 2000 has been providing telecommunications support and solutions to hospitals and the healthcare industry since 2002.

The hospitals and healthcare bodies that Network 2000 provides cabling and telecommunications services to include for example:

  • Health Service Executive
  • Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
  • Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
  • St Vincent’s University Hospital
  • St James’s Hospital
  • St Michael’s Hospital Dun Laoghaire
  • Rotunda Hospital

The company is fully capable of working in a restrictive hospital environment. All members of our staff have undergone extensive training for working in sensitive and clean areas which is the single most important requirement in the healthcare industry.

The company has all the materials required (hep-vacs, individual work tents, deep-cleaning materials etc..) to ensure that the possibility of contamination and the risk of infection is kept to the absolute minimum.

Network 2000 works closely, during all stages from planning to execution of a project and beyond, with the Infection Control and Health & Safety Departments within hospitals to ensure no works carried out will impact on patient safety.

The company provides the following services to the healthcare industry:

  • Fibre Optic Installations
  • Cat 5e & Cat 6 Installations
  • Copper Backbone Installations
  • 24 hour / 365 day a year “Engineer On-Call” Services
  • Fault Resolution & Maintenance Services
  • Preventative Maintenance Services
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Network Testing & Troubleshooting
  • Communications Room Upgrades