Maintenance & Comms Room Upgrades

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Maintenance & Upgrade Solutions
Network 2000 provides fault resolution and maintenance services to many of our clients. These services range from 24 hour emergency call out support to preventative maintenance checks to provide our customers with the peace of mind that there network is performing at its maximum level of efficiency and security.
The services offered include:

  • 24 hour “Engineer On-Call” Service
  • Fibre Optic Testing & Certification
  • Fibre Optic Circuit Troubleshooting
  • Copper Circuit Testing & Certification
  • Copper Circuit Troubleshooting
  • Network & Infrastructure Surveying
  • Peripheral Equipment Checks
  • Voltage & Impedance Testing
  • Preventative Maintenance Checks
  • Disaster Recovery Situation Support

In addition to the fault resolution and maintenance services we also provide communications room up-grades and tidy ups.
The services offered include:

  • Full documentation of circuits and services within the communications rooms
  • Testing of infrastructure within the cabinets
  • Tidying & re-patching of all equipment patch leads (at times that suit the client)
  • Communications room deep cleaning
  • Full test & verification for resumption of normal network requirements following remedial works

Network 2000 engineers are capable of working in areas where restrictive working procedures are required. For example:

  • Airports & Ports
  • Hospitals & other clean environments
  • Office areas and other quiet environments